Good neighbors in Bukhar Zhirau

Almaty, Kazakhstan


Schoolgirls from Almaty are proposing the project Good neighbors in Bukhar Zhirau. They noticed that in a pandemic, in lockdown, loneliness is more difficult to endure than in normal times. And there are many people around who are going through their difficulties alone. It turns out that the yard, the neighbors should be their support, like the family. Grandmothers say that it was like that before. And if so, why not create a courtyard club "Good Neighbors", where people could get help when they are sick. For example, you can bring and put near the door bread, pastries, or you can have a hot lunch. Of course, you shouldn't go in (virus), but you can leave the necessary medicine near the door if you know what exactly is needed.

Program of events. All times given in local time

September 24, 5:30 pm

Opening of the Festival in Bukhar Zhyrau


September 25, 4 pm

Presentation of the Telegram channel


October 1, 5:30 pm

Holiday of the elderly in Kazakhstan: congratulations to grandparents living in the complex


October 2, 4 pm

Distribution of announcements with Telegram addresses of the channel in the halls, at the entrances to the complex


October 3, 4 pm

Teacher's Day in Kazakhstan. Congratulations to teachers, we invite you to our Telegram channel

October 17, 12 pm
The A. Kasteyev State Museum of Arts

A holiday of elderly people with a young heart and a celebration of Good Neighborhood

(Congratulations to the older generation; installations of posters dedicated to the Neighborhood theme; presentation of the project “Do not leave alone”; presentation of the telegram channel "Good Neighborliness in Bukhar Zhirau"; exhibition of emerging artists of Kazakhstan)