(Saint Petersburg, Russia)


Ulyana Erokhina’s project is a portrait of the Kirov District created by its residents. The artist will reenact conversations, stories, and recollections from the workers of the Kanonersky island port and the Kirov Plant, as well as offhand phrases from passers-by overheard on walks, in recitative form on stage at the Ivan Gaza House of Culture’s auditorium. The performance was streamed on Art Prospect’s Instagram page, @art_prospect.

Uliana Erokhina.jpg

Ulyana Erokhina is a St. Petersburg-based artist. She studied Fabric Painting at the Higher School of Folk Arts in Ryazan, graduating in 2017. She is now studying Textile Arts at the St. Petersburg Stieglitz State Academy of Art and Design and enrolled at the Pro Arte School for Young Artists. Erokhina works primarily in installation and sculpture, drawing on the viewer’s emotional background and revealing the unique in the mundane.