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Varvara Nedeoglo

Turnstile Tsarevna

The trash-heap sovereign seated on the throne obstructs citizens’ passage and administers the sacrament of its crackpot power to anyone who dares pass through the stairwell landing. Mixed media (trash, plastic, glitter, aluminum foil, food, collage, rubber beer cap liners, traditional kokoshnik headdress, scepter, orb, real live person, and menacing scowl).


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Varvara Nedeoglo is an artist and pneumoanarchist who was born in 1997 in Moscow. She studied contemporary Russian literature at the Russian State University for the Humanities and illustration and painting at the British Higher School of Art & Design, defending a thesis on gender identity in contemporary poetry. She has independently studied philosophy. Nedeoglo is a member of the motorcycle artist collective The Day Wolves. She is currently attending the Chto Delat School of Engaged Art; she lives and works everywhere.