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Open Call for Artists and Curators from Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Georgia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Moldova, Tajikistan, Ukraine, and Uzbekistan.


Program dates: October 7—27, 2019

Location: Odesa, Ukraine with a site visit to Chisinau, Moldova 




The Art Prospect Intensive supports the exchange of expertise and development of innovative methods to facilitate collaboration between artists, social organizations, and the community to address local problems and issues. The program includes intensive seminars by experienced international artists and curators in the field of social practice art as well as practical workshops resulting in collaborative projects in partnership with social organizations, initiatives and cultural institutions in Odesa. 

The program focuses on theory and practice. The theoretical component includes seminars and workshops led by experienced international artists and curators as well as site visits and meetings with activists, researchers and social and arts organizations, creatively addressing socio-political issues and engaging local communities in Odesa and Chisinau.  During the two-week practical component in Odesa, project participants, under the supervision of international experts, will conduct collaborative projects with local organizations focusing on some of the themes below. 

The Art Prospect Intensive working languages are English and Russian. 


Art Prospect Intensive Topics


1. Beyond Museum Walls:  how museums expand beyond their institutional buildings and transform audience members into participants; how artists can become a part of this process and help museums more effectively communicate with the public and strengthen the role of the museum in urban development.


2. City Facades: how artists investigate the city environment and architecture, work with perceptions of architectural heritage and issues of contemporary urban development, and address the question of what cities and their residents remember and forget. 

3. Good-neighborliness: how artists transform public spaces and work with city residents to build a sense of community and encourage good-neighborliness and social responsibility.

4. Collaboration and collectiveness: how artists work together with organizations and local communities to stimulate change and build a universal conversational tool to strengthen civic engagement.

Application Process: 

Emerging artists and curators with interest and experience in the field of socially engaged art from Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Georgia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Moldova, Tajikistan, Ukraine, and Uzbekistan are invited to apply. The attached application form can be completed either in English or Russian and sent by email to  

Participants will be selected based on their experience and demonstrated interest in socially engaged art.  Geographic and gender diversity will also be considered.  The list of accepted participants will be announced by September 6, 2019.

All program expenses, including international travel, visa support (if needed), accommodation, per diem, transfer (Odesa-Chisinau-Odessa), as well as materials costs for projects created as part of the Art Prospect Intensive will be covered by CEC ArtsLink.

Art Prospect Intensive Organizers: CEC ArtsLink in a collaboration with Open Place Platform for Interdisciplinary Practice (Kyiv, Ukraine) and Oberliht Association (Chisinau, Moldova).


Partners in Odesa: Impact Hub Odesa, Urban Institute Initiative, School of Culture of the Neighborhood, Bleschunov Odesa Municipal Museum of Personal Collections, Odessa Fine Arts Museum.

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