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CEC ArtsLink announces an Open Competition for artists to participate in the online version of the 7th International Public Art Festival ART PROSPECT

Art Prospect Festival: Part 1

Dates: October 15 - 18, 2020

Location: Online

Festival Theme:  Treasure Hunt


Open Competition Description:

The Art Prospect Festival team invites artists from Russia and 10 countries of the Art Prospect Network (Azerbaijan, Armenia, Belarus, Georgia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Moldova, Tajikistan, Uzbekistan, Ukraine) to propose art interventions which could be displayed on a balcony or fence, in a window, courtyard, or yard, or in any private space.  The only requirement is that the art intervention must be visible from a safe distance (if the art intervention is located on a balcony, in a window, on the fence or yard of a country house, it must be visible to the public, but at the same time not bother local residents).  The art interventions must be accessible for individual viewing in conditions of social distancing from October 15-18, 2020.  Chosen projects will be displayed on an interactive map with the location of the interventions to enable viewers to explore the projects “offline.”  In addition, all chosen art interventions will be documented on the Art Prospect Festival site. Participating artists must provide photo and/or video documentation of their project to Festival organizers no later than September 5.

Projects can be realized in any art form and discipline, but should correspond to the Art Prospect Festival theme, Treasure Hunt.


Application Deadline and Conditions: 

Applications should be sent by email to  by August 16, 2020.

Artists from Russia and the ten countries of the Art Prospect Network (Azerbaijan, Armenia, Belarus, Georgia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Moldova, Tajikistan, Uzbekistan, Ukraine) are eligible to apply.


The application should include the following materials:

  • Completed Application Form (application form in word is attached. Download application form).

  • Project Documentation ( no more than 3 images in JPED, no more than 300 KB each).

  • CV of the artist submitting the application (no more than 1 page ineither Word or PDF).


CEC ArtsLink will award honorariums to the selected artists in the amount of
$200 (14, 000 rubles).  If the project is proposed by a group of artists, the honorarium of $200 (14,000 rubles) will be shared among the participants.  CEC ArtsLink is not able to cover additional expenses for materials, transportation, or photo/video documentation.


Competition results will be announced no later than August 30, 2020.
A total of 25 projects will be chosen.

Short Description of the 7th Art Prospect Festival: Treasure Hunt

The Art Prospect Festival was created nearly ten years ago to bring contemporary art into the streets of St. Petersburg, engage the local community, and facilitate dialogue about shared concerns.  The COVID 19 pandemic has permanently changed our world, transforming public spaces, forcing self-isolation, and making in-person communication and collaboration virtually impossible.  The 7th Art Prospect Festival: Treasure Hunt aims to find new ways to continue our efforts to transform public spaces and engage local communities with contemporary art.  As public engagement moves to on-line and virtual spaces, artists have started to reexamine the concept of “public space.”


For the first time, the Art Prospect Festival will take place in two parts.  Celebrating the creativity of artists under all conditions, we invite artists to share work created in these new conditions.  The first part of the Festival features installations and performances by artists from around the world on balconies, windows, and courtyards and Augmented Reality art works created for the site of the 7th Art Prospect Festival, DK Gaza.  All of these artworks can be viewed on an interactive map in a specially designed mobile application on the Art Prospect website.  St. Petersburg residents will also be able to view some of the works on self-guided tours of the DK Gaza neighborhood.  The Festival opens on October 15th with on-line panel discussions with participating artists and curators.  The art interventions created by artists around the world can be viewed by residents in these cities from October 15 - 18.


This hybrid version of the Art Prospect Festival in an online/offline format reveals new possibilities to introduce and demonstrate unexpected interpretations of the concept of “treasure” through AR technology and other means of combining reality.  As public attention and interaction sharply shifts from customary locations of social activity to the home and personal spaces, relationships and inner experiences are unexpectedly revealing a hidden treasury full of new discoveries. The Art Prospect Festival will document treasures revealed in this time of rapid change — what is important to us today, which details of everyday life will we remember, what objects or facts will “treasure hunters” find around and inside DK Gaza and the outlying Kirov District.  The treasures do not need to be tangible. They can be a secret, a special feat, an emotion, or something intimate that needs to be preserved.


The Art Prospect Festival is supported by the Trust for Mutual Understanding, U.S. Embassy in Moscow, OCA, FRAME, and the Kettering Family Foundation.


For more information about the Festival and Competition, please contact Lizaveta Matveeva at, Telegram - @lizamatveeva.

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